resolving what is good and evil

My sister had a piercing applied to her mouth. It hurts me very much to see her hurting herself and also hurting God because our bodies aren’t ours .it may be good,but does she admits that it may be evil?
When I talk to her about that i do not want to sound dogmatic and want to be open to the hypothetical but improbable possibility that even piercing or tattoo or any like mutilation of human body may be good and not evil. The same thing I want from her. To be open to the possibility, In Her Eyes in improbable, that it is evil.

What if one does not belief in evil?or wants to do evil because believes that doing evil is good? (this is better because one can differentiate between dichotomy of good and evil then not believing in evil ). Logically we all believe in good because if someone wants to do evil then it is because he believes it is good. doing evil is always our choice .people are intrinsically spiritual and good. The choice to be evil is only our willing Divergence from God. Honesty to myself and to others in following God’s voice is the best thing we can do. Doing evil always involves being dishonest . People are more or less sensitive to (dis)honesty but it is so beautiful to be able to absolutely agree that dishonesty is evil. It’s like saying that lying is evil evil, we must all agree that it is a a truthful proposition and we do not believe those who claim that lying may be beneficial in any way for mankind . concretely we can never judge who lies and who says the truth but abstractly we all agree that lying is bad, who does not agree is not reliable and the truth does not dwell within such a person. This can also be applied to capitalism and consumerism although this applies much deeper and subtler analysis and it’s not so easily resolved. Capitalism which seeks only enrichment which stems from making poor people poorer is definitely evil. consumerism which only wants pleasure instead of good for all is also definitely evil. However in concrete cases it is impossible to judge who is evil or who is good, we can only apply our conscience on our actions. Consumerism is evil because it creates idols.Consumption is idolatry. To believe in things instead of believing in truth,in true happiness is bad for all.


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