instinctive acts of good or evil

Are we really capable of controling our instincts? In social care we are against our instincts because to help others who may get stronger than ourselves is self destructive. on the other hand, I believe that if we imagine doing something evil, then we know that it is evil. Sometimes one acts evil and does not know about it. this is more ignorace, than intentional evil, nevertheless, not thinking about what is good and what is evil is also evil. our predestination is to be good, the whole existance of mankind is destined to be changed into existance of pure Love and bond with God. Getting closer to God is what we seek so much, yet so often refrain from doing so, although we then see that it was evil. it is so difficult for us to do what we feel is right and rather do things that are pleasurable. it really is possible to act evil without intention. once one does not think about the world around, ones conscience gets numb and then one does evil and this is not conscious evil. one is a sinner not because of the evil he does, but because of the thinking he does not do. to think about things is why we are here. if we think about what we do, then we shall be prepared to act unconsciously good, without thinking about it in the present moment, because we already thought about it in advance.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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